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I have known and worked closely with Robert Rigby for more than 30 years. Professionally, I have found him to be impeccable – dependable, highly creative with both people and ideas, always musically innovative. Personally, I regard Robert as a great friend – compassionate, wise and a man with real soul. Over the years, we have worked together on high-rating, network television specials - and other related promotional events - with music legends like Michael Crawford and k d lang, along with a wide range of talented Australian recording artists. Robert is the best in the business, with unmatched experience and judgement.


Working closely with Robert for our last 2 album projects was a super experience. As an artist, to know you have someone who can help bring your vision to life and connect you with the right collaborators is so important. Robert has an infectious passion for music and his energy fuels everyone involved. Getting an unsolicited call from Robert to say how much he loved a song or mix or production we were working on together was such a buzz. Whenever Robert said he would find a way to make something happen for the music we were crafting, he never let us down.


Robert Rigby is one of the last, true A&R Managers still working in the music industry and is at the top of his game. His innate ability to match an artist with a song is a rare gift indeed, but it’s his true love of music that makes him so unique.

While other A&R Managers often get lost in the media and the hype, Robert gets lost in the song and the artist and that is his greatest strength. His knowledge, passion for the industry and his seemingly never ending fountain of ideas have launched many successful careers and his energy and enthusiasm to keep discovering and developing new artists is boundless.


Robert Rigby was a vital collaborator as A&R on the Gary Pinto Sam Cooke album project. From the inception to completion he helped the project run smoothly, communicated with all participants throughout and most importantly was always passionate and creatively supportive to help make this the best record possible. Thanks again Robert. We couldn't have done it without you.


As my A&R Director for two albums, I can honestly say that Robert Rigby is one of my favourite A&R Directors. The best I’ve ever worked with in 30 years of recording with a number of record companies and collaborators.  Robert’s approach to making a record is to me, unparalleled - in fact the two records I made with Robert are the ones I’m most proud of. Like any truly great A&R person, he allows the Artist the freedom to make decisions about the creative direction of the record, whilst teaming up the right people to ensure the best possible outcome. I hope to make more records with Robert in the future and regard him as an incredible A&R Director and now a dear friend.


Your good work at Sony will be remembered by all the great albums you’ve helped to create during your time there. That’s what it’s all about mate - bringing joy to people with music. You’ve certainly blessed me with your presence. The albums I’ve produced for you and my Soulville album would never have happened without your support. I’ve had a ball working with you and getting to know you. I hope we can do more together in the future. 

Thanks a million!  Love you mate! 


Robert Rigby is that rare breed of successful A & R Managers who is on top of his craft and takes the time to understand and nurture his artists, the musicians, producers he works with on projects. His depth of experience and understanding of the process of music making  and a wide ranging knowledge of repertoire is a vital ingredient in his DNA. 


I have worked with Robert Rigby for over five years during his time as A & R Director at Sony Music Australia. I've always found Robert to be very passionate about every recording project. Robert's vast experience and guidance have been an important part of my career, and his ability to think outside the square made him a valuable member of my team at Sony Music. Robert's creative ideas were also a huge part in helping me develop brand associations. His talents would be a huge asset to any artist, record label, or project within the music industry.


I have had the great pleasure of working with Robert Rigby for the past three years and I can honestly say he is the BEST A&R person I’ve ever worked with in Australia. 


I was fortunate enough to release a single called Love Songs on Sony Music and without doubt Robert Rigby ( who was my A&R manager at the time ) was an integral part of it’s development and success.



Robert worked  with my husband and I across a very important album that we recorded during the first of what would be many Lock downs to come. We had to do it all virtually of course. But his considerate and unflagging loyalty to the project kept it moving and shaping itself even when it seemed everything in the world and local music business, had come to a halt! His sheer love, excitement and energy toward making great albums is signature. And there is no doubt he is a true champion for the  artist! We laughed, we cried, and we (my husband, my musicians and I ) are all happy that we created something, important and beautiful. An album of time and place. Very grateful for Robert's guidance during the process.


Having worked with Robert Rigby for over 5 years now on 5 albums and 2 DVDs, one of the things I appreciate most as an artist is the fact that Robert allows me to be true to myself when it comes to musical choices. His trust in me as an artist and his input into the music has been invaluable and has given me the freedom to explore exactly what I want, yet with a gentle guidance that helped to form a direction that was collaborative, rather than simply a directive. Robert’s knowledge of the music industry in Australia and beyond has helped to form musical ideas and collaborations with other artists that I would never have thought of myself. His input and knowledge has opened more doors than I ever thought possible and I truly believe it is his belief and trust in me as an artist that has led to our incredibly successful working relationship.


I first worked with Robert when he was Managing Director at Warner Music in Sydney and he had released the album Michael Crawford Performs Andrew Lloyd Webber which I produced. Robert convinced me to persuade Michael to appear on a Ray Martin Television Special. It was Robert's vision, passion and drive that made it happen and the album went to number 1 on the ARIA chart. Since those days I have worked with Robert when my projects have been released with Sony Music Australia and the man has the same creative flair and passion that is truly inspirational.


Robert held the position of Managing Director, Warner Bros. Records division through the 90s and reported directly to me in my role as the head of Warner Music Australia.

He was one of the most outstanding members of my team. Highly respected and liked by artists, managers, staff and the Executives at Warners Bros Records in Burbank, California.

Highlights from Robert’s time at Warners were the way he “broke” k.d. lang in Australia. His creativity, leadership, determination and unfailing belief in the artist resulted in her becoming a major star in the country. The other one that comes to mind was how he drove the phenomenal sales success of Alanis Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill selling over 1 Million albums in a single year and resulting in a record turnover of $90 million for his division that year. It was due to these kind of results that Warner Bros. Records in L.A. offered him a senior executive position at head office. Robert is an exceptional music executive that has never lost his flair or passion for the business.

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