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Forty years ago Denis Walter burst onto the Australian entertainment scene as the young man with the big voice.  From his early days on Young Talent Time Denis carved out an impressive list of credits including many golf records, command performances and went on to become of Australia’s best known and loved performers constantly on the road performing.

During the formative years of his career Denis had ambitions in two other areas of entertainment.  Radio was one and television news was the other.  After joining the NINE Network in 1988 doing the nightly Keno draw and performing on all the network shows Denis was given the opportunity to get involved in the radio industry as people know saw him as a “talking head”.  Denis initially worked in regional radio before heading to Melbourne where he dominated the morning slot for over 3 years.  It was during this time that the Nine Network invited Denis to present weekend weather another goal was finally starting to come to fruition.

One thing led to another and along with National Nine News weekend weather, Denis found himself presenting WIN News in 1993 servicing over a million people in Regional Victoria and Southern New South Wales.  The news reading role proved to be a winner with immediate ratings lift and in 1999 WIN News was the only news service in Australia to increase it’s market share, doing so by a staggering 6% clearly defeating all opposition.  Also in 1999 Denis joined 3AW presenting Saturday Night Live and guest hosting for his good mate Ernie Sigley.

Denis Walter has enjoyed being the Number 1 daily breakfast radio broadcaster for several years past and since 2019 is now the Number 1 Evening radio broadcaster

on Melbourne’s Radio 3AW. 


Today, Denis enjoys performing to sellout performances around Australia, with 14 albums and his most recent album success on SONY Music, “Yesterday Once More”, he is a giant of the entertainment music scene and one of the most liked and respected personalities and popular entertainers.

Denis is available for Corporate speaking engagements, to MC events and for singing engagements. A wonderful talent !


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